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Safos & Thusat, LLC

Safos & Thusat is a private intelligence firm that offers precise, confidential: scenario planning, timing/forecasting and decision recommendations to highly-placed individuals and executive teams in client organizations.


Safos & Thusat can also assist your efforts to reduce costs and/or increase revenues -- while accepting a results-oriented compensation structure based on the actual amount of money successfully saved or generated.

Specialities: divestitures, capital formation, joint ventures, strategic internal and external communication, branding and product differentiation, PR and marketing, investor and media relations, collaborative/competitive intelligence, forecasting and scenario planning, direct and indirect b2b/b2c sales, lead generation and prospect qualification, M&A and business development, recruitment and retention, training, channel management, government liaison, partnering/gainsharing, policy analysis, public affairs initiatives, digital forensics services, cyber security, intellectual property theft response, civil and criminal litigation support, disruptive or transformative technologies.

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VC/M&A Finder Services

Safos & Thusat's VC/M&A Finder Services include (but are not limited to): ensuring confidentiality of all discussions, documents and information; formulating precise criteria of desired and undesired transactions; creating and selectively sharing descriptive marketing tools; and facilitating communication between parties, advisors and involved intermediaries.

Strategic Communication

Safos & Thusat provides targeted public affairs consulting and strategic communication services, including: government/opinion leader liaison; employee, investor and media relations; promotional campaigns; as well as multi-channel and inbound marketing for NGOs, regional/local entities and businesses of all sizes.

Danger Detection, Prevention and Mitigation

Safos & Thusat can introduce you and your organization to:

VirExit BreatheEasy Mask
-- VirExit BreatheEasy Mask

Detecting Weapons and Elevated Body Temperature (EBT)
-- Detecting Weapons and EBT

EMF-Blocking Apparel
-- EMF-Blocking Apparel

Rebuilding Failing Roads
-- Rebuilding Failing Roads

Rapid Coronavirus Testing
-- Rapid Coronavirus Testing

Ultraviolet Room Sanitization
-- Ultraviolet Room Sanitization

-- Krypton Floor Lamp

-- Krypton_36

-- Krypton_11

Wearble UV-Powered Air Purifier
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Safos & Thusat, LLC
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Cleveland OH 44107
Tel: +1 216 264 9610
Mobile: +1 216 221 1233

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Peter Thusat also serves as VP Marketing at Soneera Water, LLC


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